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Message from the owner~Museum opening story

Brief introduction of Museum(harps on display,etc.)

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Message from the owner ~ museum opening story

 The owner of this museum, Mr. Kazuhiko Sakata bought a land at
Madarao Kogen Highlands, Northern Nagano, Japan more than 30
years ago from now with an idea to build a small house there in the future as a base to enjoy winter sports such as snow skiing.
On the other hand, thenceforth, the owner has long time travelled and
also lived outside of Japan, and served as buisiness representative in a company of Japanese Auto Industry. And when I ,the owner, first visited Paraguay, a country in Latin America on business , I met for the first time a fascinating sound of Arpa Paraguaya. I was so shocked with its beautiful sound and I fell in love with this musical instrument since then. Then after, whilst I worked hard on business, I took all the advantages of pursuing and studying everything related to harps in the world. I was so lucky to have worked in such countries as Spain, France, England, Canada, and Brazil,where I could obtain interesting information about harps of the world. I also collected many types of harps, including historical ones and replicas.

As time passes by, I built a house at Madarao Kogen Highlands in 1999.
Madarao Kogen is a Highlands located at Northern Nagano and is well known in Japan as all season nature resort. Almost simultaneously an idea to set up and open a museum specialized in HARPS there came to materialize and I set up a project to concrete the idea and finally in June 2005, this museum was inaugurated.

My long experience and most valuable opportunities overseas only has
made this happen, I believe.

Harp is one of the oldest musical instruments existent on the earth
and therefore its geographical expansion through many years is no doubt global. Harp has also arrived at Japan in late 8th century from China.

Although I know and have visited many museums specialized in musical
istruments in the world, it came to my knowledge that there doesn`t
exsist such a museum like mine which covers the real range of harps of
the world. I also know that there is a splendid harp collection in Europe,
but I am convinced that my collection offers a wider view of harp world
thanks to my unique experience and opportunities.
I became confident to open and show this museum to public with such
circumstances above-mentioned.

My real intention is to expand as much as possible this wonderful world
of harps and to familialize the superb and unique sound of harps among
us through every kind of harps existent in the world.
Harp is really a special and sacred instrument that is incomparable with
other musical instruments, I believe.

In this sense, this museum is a very unique museum, although it`s small
and I really wish to contribute to the expansion of harp enthusiasts
and fans through all the activities in this museum.
There will be no end for improving the contents in the museum and I will
continuously work to study furthermore about harps and to collect
more harps, materials, documents etc. again to promote the harp world
in the world.
I shall be more than happy if you could understand and support my
wish to come true some day in the future.

                    Kazuhiko SAKATA
                     Museum owner

Brief introduction of Museum  

Outside view of  Museum
Up front house is a small concert hall
Museum house is in the back
Entrance to Museum
Signboard of Museum with a minstrel of medieval age
Display 1 ( Eruopean harps)

Display 2 ( Latin America & Asia)

Display 3 ( Africa)
Irish harp (replica)
14~15th century

Mainly used in Ireland & Scotland
Chromatic harp
Firstly tried by Jean Henri Pape,
a French piano maker at an early days.
The real one appeared at the end of 19th
century by also French piano maker, Pleyel.
( the harp on display is French made 2004)
Peruvian harp( Arpa Peruana)
Or Domingacha (locally called)
Interesting shape mainly used
at mountainside like in Cuzco

Saung ( a famous harp of  Burma, now Myanma)

Two classical concert harps at
Napoleon I era.
A harp on the right from this
side is made by Erard in 1808.
A harp on the left is made by
Sebastian Renault in 1802

A sample view of highly decorated
upper  part of the classical concert
harp.( Erard)
Various historical harp scenes
displayed  on the wall (many of them are originals.~ Europe)
Also materials shown on the
wall (Latin America & Asia)
World harp figures collection

Audio Library
( wide range of Harp CDs of the world )

Books, documents and other
materials for public viewing

Some museum goods on sale.
    On the right: museum plate(2500 yen)
    On the left: museum wine( 2500 yen)
    Bordeaux Lussac Saint-Emilion 2000)

Museum post cards

(one set  contains 5 cards,200 yen.

Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum (斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアム)