Information for application to the Museum club membership

1. To organize a club of enthusiasts and fans of
Harps in order to promote and develop any joint
activity for harps
2. To enjoy some benefits to be offered by the Museum.

Benefits of Membership
1. Museum admission discount (20%)
2. Preferential reservation right for events and concerts to be organaized by Museum also with discounted ticket. (10~20%)
3. Discount for Museum goods sale(10~20%)

Membership registration If you want to become a museum club member, please send the following details to the e-mail address of this museum.

1. Your full name
2. e-mail address
3. Postal code and full address
4. Telephone number
5. Sex ~ Male or Female
6. Profession
7. Your age range: either 10~20 years old, or 30~40 years old or Over 50
years old
8. Please write down your comments on harps in general (episode, etc.)
9. Questions and requests ,if any.

** All information presented by members shall be kept strictly confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose than the original destination of this club

Madarao Kogen Sion Harp Museum (斑尾高原紫音ハープミュージアム)